• Me and my family

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      We love camping with our kids.

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    • David Stobbe / Stobbe Photography
    • second half of CFL football action in Regina, Saskatchewan October 24, 2009. The Roughriders won the game in overtime 33-30. REUTERS/David Stobbe (CANADA)Koehn Family Gathering
David and Betty Koehn 60th Anniversary at Gardom Lake.
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      Yes, do make my children swim naked in a cold ocean.

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      This is indeed me when I was a young hippie that lived in the mountains.

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      For those old enough to have watched the Beach Combers, this is the real Molly's Reach

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      Sara and I in front of Bran Castle in Transylvania.

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      My wife and I travelled Romania for our honeymoon. Sometimes I even wore a shirt.

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      Another great frosted mountain beard.

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      Sara and I running our first half marathon in Canmore, AB.

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      Sara and I on our engagement shoot in Winnipeg, MB back in 2004.

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    Born and raised in BC, Dave left his hometown of Kelowna to study photojournalism in Calgary. While still studying photojournalism he landed a job in Banff. After almost five years in the Rocky Mountains, with his wife and newborn daughter packed up their bags and traded in mountain views for prairie sunrises. Since 2007, Stobbe Photography has been operating in Saskatoon.

    Since arriving in Saskatchewan Dave and Sara have added to their family a son and a set of twins (boy/girl) making a full and busy house. Now that the twins are potty trained, camping has returned as one of our favourite pastimes. With family spread across western Canada, we are able to take advantage of getting out to see the great beauty of our wonderful country.