Something about Dave

David Stobbe is an award winning photojournalist, wedding and commercial photographer. He is a member of Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC).

Combining his love of photojournalism with wedding photography, David delivers his clients exciting, fresh and unique wedding photographs while also helping the couple to stay relaxed and enjoy their special day. It is Dave’s goal that you enjoy your wedding day and not turn it into a photo shoot with a ceremony attached. Photos are important and will carry lifelong memories with them, but don’t forget to enjoy the day.

A common critique of wedding photographers is that they are too distracting during a ceremony by running all over the church and garnering as much attention as the bride. The deepest compliment Dave hears is a hearty thanks from guests and ministers alike for being discreet. Being unnoticed doesn’t mean missing the photo, but rather Dave’s goals is anticipating the photo and delivering images that capture the event without taking away from the main event.

Since becoming a full time professional photographer in 2003, he has photographed close to one hundred weddings, two Grey Cups, the Tim Horton’s Briar, many Roughrider games, travelled 1000 metres underground in a mine, to a dirt floor home in Mexico. From time-to-time he even takes photos of his own family. His work has been published around the world and earned him numerous awards and even some praise from his wife.

During the warmer months Dave can be seen going from photo shoot to photo shoot riding his bike towing a specially built trailer that hauls his photo gear.

Stobbe is located at The Two Twenty, 220 20th Street West in Saskatoon.

David Stobbe / Stobbe Photography

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